Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brody's Birthday Parties...

These fun pretzels were made by my sister Liz. Her friend asked her to make some pretzels for her son's 1st birthday and then again for his 2nd birthday.....

Brody's 1st birthday party was a sock monkey themed party. Liz dipped the pretzels in yellow and red and then used red and yellow sprinkles. And to finish them off, added the yellow and red ribbon.

Brody's 2nd birthday party was a "big truck" and construction theme. To capture the construction feel, Liz dipped in yellow and used orange sprinkles. The black and white ribbon gave the caution colored pretzels the road feel.

Hot Chocolate Cones

I found this idea on the web and knew I just had to duplicate it for my sisters baby shower. Her baby shower was in January and a very cold January at that. Each cone had enough hot chocolate ingredients to make 2 normal size cups of hot chocolate.

For the marshmellows the original sample had just plain white marshmellows, but since I was making them for the baby shower, I used the multi-colored marshmellows that were pink, yellow, and green. Using the multi-colors gave it a little added "baby shower" feel.
To add a little personal touch to the favors, I used microsoft word and created these little tags. I tied the tags to the cones with some baby shower ribbon.
They were a big hit!